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About Murray Training School,   Backflow Testing & Repair and Service Plumbing Repair Certifications.


          1. Backflow Tester Class,32 Hour Practical and Classroom
        2. Backflow Repair Class, 25 Hour Practical and Classroom
     3. Service Plumber Repair Tech, 384 Hour Practical and Classroom



  • Owner and Instructor, Patrick Murray is a past member of the ASSE Backflow Advisory Board and ASSE Cross Connection
            Control Certification Technical Committee, Patrick also was a voting member of the Medical Gas Systems Personnel ASSE / IAPMO / ANSI Series 6000, 2012
  • Medical Gas Instructors are  6010,6030 and 6050 certified
  • Backflow and Plumbing Service Repairs and Medical parts experts
  • Comprehensive knowledge base of all backflow, medical gas brands and plumbing service repair parts.
  Murray Backflow will travel to any Florida location if there are 10 or more students taking the class.

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